Community Engagement

Hello Gowrie Family my name is Neil Sabatino, I am the Community Engagement Officer at St Teresa’s College, Abergowrie. Originally from Keriri Island in Zenadh Kes I am also an Old Boy of the College. With my experience as a past student I have a strong connection to families and a deep understanding of the different communities from which our boys are from. Now as a member of staff I continue to build upon this relationship. I come from a community minded upbringing and I am looking forward to visiting families throughout the year on our College Community Visits.

As a proud Indigenous man from the Torres Straits, I learnt Island Dancing at a young age and was also part of the Dance Troupe during my time as a student. In my role I am looking forward to mentoring the Dance Troupe along with the help of other key community and staff members. I believe it’s important to keep a healthy balance when living in two worlds; living away from home, focusing on your education, while also being proud and holding onto your culture. Being part of the dance troupe will help boys build confidence in who they are while sharing their culture with the wider community.

In 2008 after graduating from St Teresa’s College Abergowrie I moved away from Keriri and worked at a Catholic Primary School in Rasmussen Townsville as an Indigenous School Officer, working with Preps to Year 7. In 2015 I returned back to Abergowrie as a Residential Supervisor then later became the Residential Coordinator for Year 9’s and also Year 7’s. In 2018 I took a break and moved to Melbourne where I was working as an Indigenous Male Youth worker helping disengaged Indigenous youths on the streets of St Kilda, Pahran and South Melbourne. During my time gaining experience working and communicating with students from Preps to Year 12 and youths in community.

As an Old Boy I am honored and happy to be in this position and have the chance to give back to the College, I appreciate all the lessons and opportunities I have been given over the years. I would love to share my experiences as an ex-residential student, and what the college has to offer to help in shaping your son’s development at an important time of their life. I am also looking forward to connecting with Old Boys and reestablishing relationships because I believe they also play an important role as ambassadors and advocates for the College. Most importantly, I am also looking forward to meeting families and building on the confidence between College and Community. I believe without the community the College wouldn’t be as unique as it is.

If you have any questions or enquiries please feel free to contact the Community Engagement Officer Mr Neil Sabatino on 07 4780 8300 or email

The Community Engagement Officer role is to establish and manage the development of the cultural programs for students, provide pastoral care to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and their families work closely with key stakeholder groups including Townsville Catholic Education Officers, the College Leadership Team, The Community Consultation Committee and external government agencies. The Community Engagement Officer also provides leadership and advice in the area of community capacity building within the College context with a particular focus on the community consultation meetings and coordination of staff visits to remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

 Community Engagement requires a relationship built on trust and integrity: it is a sustained relationship between parents, friends and organisations working towards shared goals. St Teresa’s College has a diverse range of communities and it is important to acknowledge that each community is unique. It is only through continuous engagement of parents, friends, communities, and organisations that the College can continue to effectively educate the young men entrusted in our care.


If you have any questions or enquiries please feel free to contact the Community Engagement Officer Mr Neil Sabatino on 07 4780 8300 or email


View the Draft Community Engagement Plan

Community Visits

 St Teresa’s College, Abergowrie understands it can be difficult for some families to travel to our school, so St Teresa’s College, Abergowrie comes to you. The College’s community visits offer families in remote and regional areas the opportunity to ask questions and meet College staff who welcome both new enquiries and old faces.

 These community visits provide an opportunity to meet with families who have entrusted St Teresa’s College, Abergowrie College with their sons and also to keep in touch with our College Old Boys. Visiting staff organise meeting rooms to allow new families to ask questions. Keep an eye on our Facebook page and Newsletters to find where we are visiting next.

 Dance Troupe

Contact Mr Neil Sabatino on
07 4780 8300 or email
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We Give Thanks...

“St Teresa's College would like to acknowledge the Warrgamay People, the Traditional Owners of this Country, who freely lived and hunted here as recently as the 1940's. We acknowledge the hospitality of the Warrgamay People, the hospitality of this land, and the reciprocal relationship the College enjoys with their current generations."

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