Boarding at St Teresa's

St Teresa's College has undertaken to play a significant role in the formation of the young men who are boarders. Since 1933, this College has provided the opportunity for boys to receive a Catholic education with all that this implies. As part of being a boarder at Abergowrie, you become part of our "Gowrie Family". We believe this is a supportive and caring residential environment.

Boys at Abergowrie are always occupied with a wide range of indoor and outdoor recreational activities. Our education does not stop just in the classroom - At Abergowrie we believe in a holistic education. Boys are educated in Residential Assemblies on everything from health to nutrition, in our effort to "Close the Gap". Inherent in the fabric of this College are strong Christian values and this is expressed in the care offered to the students of the College.

There are three key expectations of boys while boarding at the College. They are:




We operate from the premise that the family is paramount. Consequently, we are very conscious here at Abergowrie that we are entrusted, not only with educational expectations, but the care and welfare of the whole person. This translates into a care which both challenges and supports your son so that he comes to realise his personal worth and dignity and as well as that of others. Boarders are encouraged to be active, involved, and to make the most of the opportunities offered to them. Emphasis is placed on activities, tasks and experience.

Fr Pius Jones SM - Head of Boarding 


We Give Thanks...

“St Teresa's College would like to acknowledge the Warrgamay People, the traditional owners of this country, who freely lived and hunted here as recently as the 1940's. We acknowledge the hospitality of the Warrgamay People, the hospitality of this land, and the reciprocal relationship the College enjoys with their current generations."

Oct 21

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