Boarders' Welfare

We recognise that some students struggle with being away from home at times. At such times Residential Supervisors, with the assistance of the Director of Boarding will spend time helping that boy to feel more comfortable and employ strategies to ease the degree of homesickness.

Our boarders are supported to build strong relationships. We believe that communication is vital for healthy relationships and we understand that boys need to keep in touch with their families as they develop friendships at the College. 

St Teresa's College has dedicated support staff for student wellbeing. These include trained guidance counsellors and a range or external mental health providers.

A counselling service is provided to St Teresa's College students and is aimed at providing positive, confidential support on a range of concerns:

  • Anger and behaviour management
  • Peer and family relationships
  • Stress, depression and anxiety management
  • Substance misuse
  • Bullying and homesickness
  • Goal setting and confidence

This service is provided at no cost to students or families. Students, staff or family can refer a child for counselling. 

We Give Thanks...

“St Teresa's College would like to acknowledge the Warrgamay People, the Traditional Owners of this Country, who freely lived and hunted here as recently as the 1940's. We acknowledge the hospitality of the Warrgamay People, the hospitality of this land, and the reciprocal relationship the College enjoys with their current generations."

Jul 18

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