Abergowrie Ambassadors

Name: Hodrick Mudu

Hometown: Bamaga

Graduated: 2010  

About: Hodrick graduated as College Vice Captain and then gained entry into the Defence Indigenous Development Program. Having successfully completed this program, Hodrick is now employed by the Australian Navy.

On Gowrie: "Abergowrie College has played a major role in guiding me to my carrier path. The platform was set by the teaching in the classroom and communal side of living in the boarding school. I learnt that what you make of your schooling in Abergowrie will set you up for the future and prepare you for some of the challenges you will face. I am a privileged individual who's is proud to call myself a Gowrie Old Boy"

Name: Mangubadijarri Yanner

Hometown: Burketown

Graduated: 2011 

About: Mangubadijarri Yanner is currently studying Law at Bond University. During his time at St Teresa’s, he received a full scholarship to what is arguably Australia’s best Law school. In his school years, Mangubadijarri represented North Queensland on many occasions in numerous pubic speaking competitions, which saw him travel throughout Australia.

On Gowrie: "Abergowrie is more than just a school; it is a community and a family. It is a special place that fosters a unique sense of belonging amongst both the staff and students. It is our home away from home and I'll always be proud to call myself an "old boy" of Abergowrie College."

Name: Gibson Pearson

Hometown: Hammond Island

Graduated: 2010 

About: Gibson was College Captain in 2010 and is currently employed by the Royal Australian Navy as a Marine Technician (Rank - Seaman). He is based in Darwin on HMAS Coonawarra.

On Gowrie: "What I learnt during my time at Abergowrie was that education is an integral part of establishing and cementing yourself a career path.  I felt very supported at Abergowrie, not only academically but also in the residential school where I learnt important life skills.  I felt extremely privileged to be apart of the family and brotherhood community that the College offers."

Name: Naizel Enosa

Hometown: Badu Island

Graduated: 2011

About: Naizel was the College Captain in 2011 at St Teresa’s College and is currently studying a Bachelor of Nursing at Deakin University. Naizel continues to live on Badu Island with his family and he is studying a full-time load in external mode.

On Gowrie: "When I arrived at Abergowrie I was a stranger but when I graduated I left as a brother of the Gowrie family. The College shaped me into the man I am today and my success has been due to what I learnt at Abergowrie. I was always supported by my fellow brothers and also all the staff; from the Principal to the groundsman – because we are all part of the Gowrie family."

We Give Thanks...

“St Teresa's College would like to acknowledge the Warrgamay People, the traditional owners of this country, who freely lived and hunted here as recently as the 1940's. We acknowledge the hospitality of the Warrgamay People, the hospitality of this land, and the reciprocal relationship the College enjoys with their current generations."

Aug 19

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