Learning from Home

MESSAGE 3 - Thursday 7th May 2020
Dear Families and Caregiver
Yesterday afternoon there was a meeting with QCEC (Queensland Catholic Education Commission), and Catholic Boarding Schools to outline arrangements to minimise the risk of Covid-19 in a residential setting.
The meeting was informed by an earlier meeting with the Chief Medical Officer of Queensland, Jannette Young.
As a Boarding school we have been directed to reduce our boarding population by 75% for the foreseeable future, or until advised otherwise.
This means:
- Year 7-10 students will not be able to return to the College for the remainder of Term 2.
- Year 11 and 12 students will be able to return but only after confirmation to open from Queensland Health.
- Year 11 and 12 parents will need to sign documentation acknowledging the College’s safety plans prior to their son returning to boarding.
The College will inform parents by email as soon as Qld Health have approved the safety mitigation plans. From this point, parents will need to sign the relevant documentation if they wish their son to return this term. We are unsure of the timeframe for approval but will endeavor to expedite the process, so that Year 11 and 12 boarding students can re-engage as soon as possible.
As always, we are open to discussing individual circumstances. The College supports the premise to keep all our students and staff safe during this pandemic, however, we are very conscious and concerned what this latest directive means for our families.
The information on the following page outlines the specific details of the meeting with QCEC with which the College must comply.
Please do not hesitate to contact the College on 07 4780 8300 if you have any further questions.
Kind regards
Angus Galletly  |  Principal

MESSAGE 2 - Thursday 2nd April, 2020

Due to Covid19, St Teresa’s College will be providing opportunities for students to engage in online learning through Class sites, Google Classroom and other relevant platforms. As part of this learning opportunity, teachers may arrange online video conferencing with students or provide pre-recorded videos for students to conduct lessons. They may also engage with students as part of our commitment to pastoral care and the development of our learning community. All communications with students must be through school-sanctioned communication tools. To enable engagement in online learning with teachers, parents must provide consent for this to occur AND provide supervision whilst online engagement is occurring.

NOTE: The TCE firewall systems utilised to filter the internet and intranet-based sites will NOT work when it is connected to your home network. This means there will be no automatic internet filtering so we advise you supervise the use of this machine at all times.

It is expected that all students: • Will be dressed in appropriate clothing (covering shirts and shorts/skirts on); • Ensure that they are in an open part of the house (no bedrooms or private spaces); • Be mindful of the background in which they are broadcasting from i.e: noise, family members, animals etc • School staff are NOT to be contacted via social media or platforms, private email or student private mobile. 

Townsville Catholic Education will be monitoring and reviewing any issues associated with online learning and video conferencing. Please report any identified issues to the Principal. An email/and or text message has been sent for you to reply to the above.

MESSAGE 1 - Thursday 2nd April, 2020

Hello Families and Caregivers, 

By this stage, you will have received a call from Year Level Coordinators checking in with how everyone is doing. If you were not able to receive this call at the time could you please make contact with the college? 

Years 7 & 8 - Ms Katherine Coulter 

Years 9 & 10 - Mr Chris Hatcher

Years 11 & 12 - Mr Matt Rice

The first mailing containing work for students to complete term 1 and boarding reports will be sent at the end of this week. Each package contains a self-addressed return envelope to return student work to the college. It is important that completed work is returned so teachers can give feedback to students.

I hope you all have a happy and safe Easter. Further contact will be made with each of you throughout the holidays to discuss learning from home for the beginning of term 2.


Lee Shannon

We Give Thanks...

“St Teresa's College would like to acknowledge the Warrgamay People, the traditional owners of this country, who freely lived and hunted here as recently as the 1940's. We acknowledge the hospitality of the Warrgamay People, the hospitality of this land, and the reciprocal relationship the College enjoys with their current generations."

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